Tax alpha is laborious and costly to deliver. Advisor-applied VUL delivers tax alpha in one step.

AAVUL’s Call to the Fiduciary Advisor

In various surveys asking people about the greatest inventions of all time, electricity, clean water, penicillin, engines, and the internet came out ahead. Insurance didn’t make the list. In fact, one of the core foundations that allows the global economy to function efficiently is risk sharing, the concept defining insurance.

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Client Profitability; In the Client’s Best Interest

Embedded in the Fiduciary Rule discussion is the advisor’s compensation, with the rule’s explicit preference for fee-based versus commission-based services. While there are substantial debates about the merits of either approach, the client’s costs for financial and investment advice are the central focus.

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Asset Location: Meaningful, Clear and Easy

Asset location sits underneath any competent tax management service. (Asset location considers the range of investments owned by an individual or family and “locates” each investment in the portfolio structure that will achieve the highest after-tax return.)

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AAVUL: The Better Roth

Advisor applied variable universal life (AAVUL) provides all the benefits of a Roth IRA without its limitations. Consequently, AAVUL must be considered as an advisor’s core pre- and post-retirement income planning solution. It provides better after tax returns.

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Better Performance: Higher After-Tax Returns through Tax Alpha

It’s amazing how one day can change a client’s thinking about portfolio performance. Leading up to December 31st, communication and reporting form expectations, but on January 1st, these expectations transform to a client’s reality. “Did my portfolio meet its target?” “Is my plan on track?”

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Enhance Your Business by Preserving Clients’ Wealth

The HNW market is generally risk averse. This is particularly true as your top clients get older and wealthier. Consider these characteristics from the 2016 US Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth® survey for the “boomer” and “mature” client segments . . .

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Matching Financial Needs Paid in After-Tax Dollars

The 2016 US Trust study titled “Insights on Wealth and Worth” surveyed investors with a minimum of $3 million in investable wealth, and the majority (55%) said, “it’s more important to minimize the impact of taxes when making investment decisions than it is to pursue the highest possible returns regardless of the tax consequences”.

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Preserving Wealth through Tax Alpha

Blog   Every investor has two primary objectives: Wealth preservation and wealth creation. Of these two, wealth preservation is the cornerstone of a viable wealth plan. Sources of Wealth Leakage Wealth preservation focuses on minimizing the loss of dollars...

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Identifying Advice Is Powerful Differentiation

Blog Advice options have proliferated for the investor marketplace. Broker-dealers, independent RIAs, banks, insurance companies, and accounting firms all offer planning/investment advisory in one form or another. Add to that the rush of Robo-Advisor options, and it’s...

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The 45-Day Business Plan

Blog Business plans are well-meaning documents. A business inspiration takes form as the aspiring entrepreneur digs into product/service design, scalability, market size, competition, pricing, selling tactics, operations, budgeting, and so on. Collecting thoughts into...

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A Client Base for High Valuation

Blog Wealth management professionals face a key business constraint in the limited number of advice-giving hours in a day. Since revenues are ultimately tied to the value of each advice hour, at capacity, an adviser’s growth options are limited. The competitive market...

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Controlling Expectations and Outcomes

Blog The present economic climate offers heightened insecurity that recalls the traumatic memories from 2008. As far as investing is concerned, clients look to their advisers for precise navigation through these churning waters with the expectation/hope that “the...

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Presentation Description

Why advisor-applied VUL solves client problems and advances your business

Presentation Description

A packaged presentation you can use for one-on-one client meetings

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Be" Full Brochure

See how advisor-applied VUL solves a wide range of planning needs for specific client circumstances

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Get a quick summary of advisor-applied VUL and its many planning applications

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Model an advisor-applied VUL policy to see its ROI for your high-income clients

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Get engaged with advisor-applied VUL in an interactive webinar education session

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