High Value in a Value Proposition

No other investment vehicle offers the array of client and advisor benefits than AAVUL.


Value Like No Other

“AAVUL’s tax saving profit means federal and state governments actually pay (i.e. more money in the pocket with the policy than without) each HNW, high-income policyowner to also have a death benefit worth millions of dollars. No other wealth planning or investment tool provides this benefit package.” 

AAVUL for Tax Alpha

A one-step solution producing client profits plus advisor’s increased AUM.
Learn about AAVUL’s capabilities and its one-step tax management solution in our e-book.


Growth & Death Benefit

Aside from a state-imposed, one-time premium tax (ranging from 8 to 350 basis points), 99.5 cents of each dollar goes directly to your client’s benefit.

 99.5 cents of each AAVUL dollar invested has a direct client benefit.

  • Investment Planning Impact:  98.5 cents (98.5%) is directly invested into the tax-free portfolio

  • Wealth Impact: 1 cent (1%) pays for the valuable death benefit

Only ½ of 1 cent (0.50%) goes to the insurance company for providing the AAVUL structure.


Projected Tax Savings to Portfolio Return

Q. What’s the blended federal and state tax rate and portfolio return combination needed to produce a desired AAVUL profit: policy tax savings > policy costs?

A. Use the Tax Shield Benefit (TSB) calculator

Q. When does an AAVUL portfolio’s integration of policy costs, blended tax rate, and return turn from a tax shield loss to a profit?

A. Use the Tax Shield Ratio (TSR) calculator

Taxable Portfolio Cash Flow

Q. How does a taxable portfolio’s cash flows compare to a similar portfolio inside an AAVUL policy?

A. Use the AAVUL Cash Flow calculator.


Peerless Benefit Package; What’s Not to Like?

Advisor Led

You are the builder, manager, and monitor of the AAVUL portfolio and keep the AUM

Inflation Protection

The death benefit’s purchasing power is inflation protected since the benefit amount is a function of the AAVUL portfolio’s value

Open Architecture

Use any of your advisory firm’s preferred investments

Compounding Client ROI

Your high-income, HNW clients using AAVUL can expect profits (i.e. tax savings > policy expenses) that accelerate over time from compounding of the net tax savings

Valuable Death Benefit

The tax-free death benefit adds a highly valuable planning tool for asset protection, wealth transfers, wealth replacement, and charitable giving

Portfolio Integration

The portfolio is an integrated, tax-free portfolio companion to each HNW client’s other investment portfolios, and it remains under your wealth planning oversight


Key Planning Recommendation

Tax-deferred portfolios such as IRAs, annuities, and deferred compensation only offer tax alpha benefits if the income tax rate in retirement is lower than during the working years; what is called the tax-bracket arbitrage.

For HNW, high-income clients in which retirement income tax rates will remain high, AAVUL is a superior investment solution.


Counter to common convention, it’s a much better strategy for clients with substantial cash flow during the working years to pay taxes in the current tax year and secure increased future wealth.



1) Execute a one-time conversion from traditional IRAs to Roth (what is known as a back-door conversion)

2) Invest additional annual post-tax wealth aggressively into AAVUL (no contribution limits)



  • Gain full tax-free treatment for the portfolio

  • Eliminate required distributions (and higher retirement tax bills)

  • Provide flexible, tax-free retirement income to support a variety of wealth planning needs (if needed)

  • Uncomplicate beneficiary designations

  • Use AAVUL’s death benefit for wealth transfers, wealth replacement, and charitable giving