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Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)
is a One-Step Tax Alpha Portfolio

What used to be only available to the very wealthy is now available to advisor's top clients (those with investable wealth greater than $5 Million). Like Variable
Universal Life (VUL), PPLI has tax-free growth, tax-free access, and tax-free death benefits. Unlike VUL, there are no loads, no trailers, no surrender charges - and low policy costs.

For each of your top clients, you build, manage, and monitor the Tax Alpha Portfolio while keeping the assets under your management.


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Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI):
Preserving Wealth through Tax Alpha

"In the 2015 US Trust Study titled Insights on Wealth and Worth, 65% of survey respondents state that "Minimize taxes" was the top investing priority for managing wealth; only 35% said the priority was to "Pursue higher returns regardless of taxes." Advisors recognize this importance as 86% believe that tax management is an important/critical client service ( Russell Financial 2014). "Tax alpha" the process of adding to return tax-efficient strategies, is a high-impact planning activity."


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The Tax Alpha Portfolio Investment Advantage


The accelerated value generated in a PPLI (Private Placement Life Insurance) portfolio is substantial. reddot

This table compares two portfolios with the same investment product mix earning 6% in a taxable portfolio and PPLI. The adjustments to gross return consider the federal and state taxes for the taxable portfolio as well as PPLI's policy-level expenses. PPLI's net benefit is shown year by year.reddot

Since PPLI shields both federal and state income and capital gains taxes, planning for a likely increasing tax environment makes PPLI's advantage of a taxable portfolio even more valuable.reddot

In one step, and as a tax free-companion to the taxable portfolio, you create substantial wealth each and every year.


MyTaxAlphaPortfolio Licensed Insurance Carriers

reddot clear MyTaxAlphaPortfolio's insurance company partners offer a variety of capabilities to meet your client's needs. In all cases these partners are committed to delivering high-value services to your wealth management business efficiently and cost effectively.

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