Two Exclusive Products
for Your High-Income Clients

You’re in charge, leading your clients to greater prosperity. You need products designed to support you in this role.

Advisor-Applied VUL (AAVUL) comes in two versions:

Private Placement VUL (PPVUL)
for your top clients with more than
$5 million in investable wealth.

Registered AAVUL
for those high-income clients
with less.

Both are priced like an institutional product with very low costs and no surrender charges.
Equally important, both are flexible wealth planning tools that come with a high-impact
portfolio that you build, manage, and monitor as well as a valuable death benefit.

All this is under your ongoing oversight of each client’s wealth and investment plan.

Beyond Tax Alpha; Boost Planning Execution

An advisor has eight primary wealth-planning tasks.
The advisor-applied VUL (AAVUL) portfolio serves all these planning tasks in whole or in part.

Tax Planning
Education Planning
Retirement Income Planning
Retirement Planning
Long-term Care
Charitable Giving
Estate Planning
Asset Protection



  • For both PPVUL and Registered AAVUL, you build, manage, and monitor the underlying AAVUL portfolio . . . it’s your advice, your philosophy.
  • For PPVUL:
    Use any investment product approved by your firm’s investment committee.
  • Hold the portfolio in your chosen custodian account
  • Display it in your client portal.
  • Rebalance according to your preferred rules.
  • Registered AAVUL, packaged for broad client usage, delivers:
    A broad list of low-cost mutual funds and ETFs
  • Periodic rebalancing

Explore & Embrace Advisor-Applied VUL (AAVUL)

Accelerate your tax alpha know-how and other important planning applications.

Insurance Like It Should Be

Benefits, without Barriers

You’re most familiar with retail VUL and its drawbacks:
loads; high costs; complex products; investment limitations; a difficult sales process.

Check out our PPVUL and Registered AAVUL partners’ solutions that keep VUL's benefits while removing the barriers.

Experience Advisor-Applied VUL in Action
Register for an upcoming Webinar to learn
the many uses and benefits that PPVUL and
Registered AAVUL provides
your wealth advisory practice

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