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Tax alpha is laborious and costly to deliver. Advisor-applied VUL delivers tax alpha in one step.

Murky Waters are Now Clear

On June 30, 2015 the U.S. Tax Court issued a ruling in the Jeffrey T. Webber v. Commissioner of the Internal Revenue case.

The Webber case litigated the failure of Mr. Webber (as the policyholder and tax payer) to adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements necessary for the receipt of his PPVUL policy’s tax-free benefits. Because of Mr. Webber’s extreme facts and circumstances, the Court provided a well-written and methodical review of the pertinent legal and regulatory history. The Court then identified the boundaries a tax payer and its PPVUL insurance company should follow in order to avoid piercing the policy’s tax shield.

These boundaries bring clarity to what had been murky waters in using PPVUL. With investing and compliance technology installed at PPVUL insurance companies that implements the Webber ruling’s boundaries, a policy remains true to the legal and regulatory requirements.


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