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benefits without barriers

Ameritas.  Meaningful leadership supporting the fiduciary.

New federal regulations focused on retirement investments and consumer “best interests” confirm what you’ve known all along: You are a fiduciary of your client’s wealth.

Ameritas leads the industry in developing no-load, low-cost, and fee-on-AUM life insurance products fitting an advisor’s fiduciary role in executing clients’ wealth plans.

Because of our leadership, a broad cross-section of your clients could potentially benefit immediately from the tax efficiency built into the Ameritas Advisor VUL® insurance policy issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and underwritten by affiliate Ameritas Investment Corp.

why Advisor VUL®

Net of policy expenses, your high-income clients have the potential to enjoy improved after-tax portfolio returns that compound income tax free.

You appreciate variable universal life’s many structural benefits

  1. Comprehensive tax alpha: tax free growth, tax free income, tax free cash access, no AMT exposure, and a tax free death benefit
  2. Asset protection: as a segregated insurance account (with enhanced protection inside various trust structures)
  3. Wealth replacement:  valuable for trust and estate planning

Tax alpha is a process that increases a client’s after-tax portfolio return.  Unlike common and laborious tax alpha tactics such as gain/loss harvesting, income shifting, gains management, and asset location, registered advisor-applied VUL (AAVUL) produces complete tax alpha in one step.

Unfortunately, to gain these benefits for your clients, you’ve had to overcome many obstacles:  sales loads; high costs; complex products; investment limitations; a difficult sales process.

the Advisor VUL® difference

Advisor VUL is a flexible, easy-to-use wealth planning tool that keeps the benefits and removes the barriers.

VUL’s High-Value Benefits

  • Tax free income
  • Tax free growth
  • No AMT exposure
  • Tax free cash access
  • Tax free death benefits
  • No contribution limits
  • No required distributions
  • Asset protection
  • Wealth replacement
  • Customized portfolio

Without These Barriers

  • Sales loads, trailers and surrender charges
  • High policy costs
  • Difficult sales process
  • Loss of AUM
  • Limited investment products
  • No portfolio management control

client scenarios

The following planning scenarios represent the use of a VUL policy category we refer to as advisor-applied VUL (AAVUL) that has the potential to support a wide range of wealth planning applications. While the circumstances and purposes differ, the planning applications operate similarly across all scenarios. Therefore, for brevity, some common details are listed for the first instance and not restated for other scenarios sharing the same purpose.

Recent Retirees

High-Income/Dual Career Family

Single Mom

Insurance Like it Should Be

Benefits without Barriers

Preserving Wealth Through Tax Alpha

Ameritas:   a legacy of strength for over 125 years

Ameritas’ long-standing financial strength is a testament to putting its clients first. We’ve established a tradition of delivering quality products and services generation after generation. The true measure of success is how many people we’ve helped and how many promises we’ve kept.

A few facts (financial information as of December 31, 2015):

Total Members’ Realized Equity


Policyholder Benefits


Total Revenue


Total GAAP Assets


Total Assets Under Management


Number of Customers


Here is what the rating agencies are saying about us.

A.M. Best Company:

A (Excellent) rating for financial strength and operating performance. This is the third highest of Best’s 15 ratings.

Standard & Poor’s:

A+ (Strong) for insurer financial strength. This is the fifth highest of S&P’s 21 ratings.

Ratings do not apply to the investment options available within the Ameritas Advisor VUL.

not insurance licensed?  not a problem.

just call Ameritas Advisor Services:  800-255-9678, option 3.  

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We’re the No-Load Pioneer

For over 3 decades, fee-only advisors have counted on Ameritas for fiduciary friendly products and services. We are your answer to fulfilling the AAVUL needs of your wealth management clients.

  • No broker/dealer affiliation required
  • No contracting or appointment paperwork

Just personalized service designed around the way you do business as an independent RIA.

let us make the best use of your time.

We look forward to addressing your questions!

  • How will Ameritas Advisor VUL® help my business grow and prosper?
  • How can I best explain the many Ameritas Advisor VUL® benefits to my clients and prospects?
  • Why is advisor-applied VUL (“AAVUL”) the best tax alpha solution for my clients?
  • How does the VUL portfolio integrate into each client’s investment plan as the tax alpha portfolio?

when can we meet?

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insurance like it should be

benefits without barriers

Ameritas Advisor VUL (Form 4051) is issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and underwritten by affiliate Ameritas Investment Corp. Variable products have investment risk, including the possible loss of principal. Before investing, carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other important information about the policy issuer and underlying investment options. This information can be found in the policy and investment option prospectuses. Read the prospectuses carefully before investing. It is possible that coverage may lapse if policy costs reach maximum guaranteed levels, and premiums continue to be paid at the initial planned premium level.

Ameritas® is a marketing name for subsidiaries of Ameritas Mutual Holding Company, including, but not limited to, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and Ameritas Investment Corp. Each company is solely responsible for its own financial conditions and contractual obligations. Ameritas, its subsidiaries, associates and financial professionals do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney regarding your situation. Ameritas® and the bison design are registered service marks of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Fulfilling life® is a registered service mark of affiliate Ameritas Holding Company.