PPVUL in Action Webinar

Tax alpha is laborious and costly to deliver. Advisor-applied VUL delivers tax alpha in one step.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about advisor-appied VUL’s robust benefit package, but without the barriers you’ve previously encountered with insurance solutions. This is truly “Insurance Like It Should Be”.

Emphasis will be on:
  • Illustrating your client’s ROI
  • How you remain in charge using either a registered or private placement AAVUL version
  • AAVUL’s many important planning applications.
  • Ongoing rebalancing is managed according
    to your preferred rules.


The webinar will include a Q&A session following the educational presentation.

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Presentation Description

Why advisor-applied VUL solves client problems and advances your business

Presentation Description

A packaged presentation you can use for one-on-one client meetings

insurancelikeitshouldbefull"Insurance Like It Should
Be" Full Brochure

See how advisor-applied VUL solves a wide range of planning needs for specific client circumstances

insurancelikeitshouldbe2pager"Insurance Like It Should
Be" Two Pager

Get a quick summary of advisor-applied VUL and its many planning applications

vulclientroicalculatorVUL Client ROI

Model an advisor-applied VUL policy to see its ROI for your high-income clients

ppvulinactionPlanning Applications

Get engaged with advisor-applied VUL in an interactive webinar education session

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through Technology

Private Placement Variable Universal Life (PPVUL)


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