Tax alpha is laborious and costly to deliver. Advisor-applied VUL delivers tax alpha in one step.

Both PPVUL’s and Registered AAVUL’s structure offer you a rich tool kit for executing the wealth plan in each of these important planning tasks:

Wealth Planning Task Benefit in Using Advisor-Applied VUL
Tax Planning
  • A tax-free portfolio similar to what an institutional investor enjoys
  • Instead of municipal bonds, use higher yielding investments
Education planning
  • As an insurance policy, it is excluded from financial aid calculations
  • No restrictions on dependents or penalties for unused balances
Retirement income planning
  • Ongoing (or as needed) cash access
  • None of an annuity’s structural restrictions, limitations, or penalties
Retirement planning
  • No structural contribution limits, required distributions, or penalties
Long-term care
  • The tax-free growth and cash access permits a less expensive policy
  • Eliminates the need for costly inflation protection
  • Allows LTC policy caps knowing that any additional requirement can be self-insured
Charitable giving
  • Inside a charitable lead annuity (CLAT) trust provides the giving characteristics of a family foundation without complexity and costs
Estate planning
  • The tax-free death benefit fits wealth replacement applications
Asset protection
  • Protection from the policyowner’s creditors
  • In certain states, the policy is granted with strong wealth protection benefits
  • For other states, used inside a trust or LLC, the policy is sheltered from the policyowner’s creditors
  • The PPVUL policy is in a separate account and protected from the insurance company’s creditors

PPVUL Scenarios

Learn the many planning applications that advisor-applied VUL addresses. Below are scenarios representative of the types of clients at your firm.

High-Income/Dual Career Family

Meet John & Catherine, Healthcare Successes


Wealthy Real Estate Investor

Meet Walt & Bernadette, Committed Real Estate Investors


Recent Divorcee

Meet Sandra, She’s Starting Anew


Retired Widower

Meet Alan, a Retired CEO


Presentation Description

Why advisor-applied VUL solves client problems and advances your business

Presentation Description

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Get a quick summary of advisor-applied VUL and its many planning applications

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